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Customer Comments

Dear Brad,

WOW! The Crown Of Thorns Ring arrived yesterday. With great anticipation, my wonderful wife opened the package. All I can say is WOW! The ring is OUTSTANDING! The fit and finish is perfect. We are very pleased. Thank you!

I enjoyed our phone conversations as well. God comes pouring out of you! It is good! Looking at the ring, it becomes obvious that, you do your work onto The Lord. Thank you. You are touching people's lives.

God Bless You Today,
Bill and Celia

Hi Brad,
The ring arrived today and is better than expected!

Thank you for hard work with my ring, I will sure be in touch with my next order.

Take care and thanks again.


Hi Brad,
Just a note to let you know I LOVE the ring!! It was definitely worth waiting for. If you remember, I stumbled across it on the internet last March. After collecting carousel themed items for 36 years, I have to say this is the icing on the cake! Thank you again. I may be back in touch for something else in the future!


Just wanted to let you know that my Lion of Judah cross arrived today and it's so much more beautiful than I imagined it would be. Thank you so much! This cross means so much to me, and I can't wait to show it off to my friends and family.

I'm so glad that I found you and your jewelry. I'm a very thrilled repeat customer!


Hi Brad,

We received the ring on Friday. It exceeds our expectations and we are so happy with it. My finance tried it on and it fit very nicely. We are very pleased and thank you for the extra effort to get it to us on time. God Bless.

Chris & Amy

You did a great job on the ring and honestly, I love some of the other jewelry you do as well. Maybe one day I’ll purchase a few other items.

We searched quite some time for the “right” ring, and there were no other crown of thorns rings that compared to yours. Oh, they are out there, but your design by far exceeds the others.


I got my small Texas pendant with the diamond you added this morning and it is absolutely beautiful!! It's the size I wanted, the diamond is beautiful. The whole thing is very classy and wonderful. Perfect. Thanks so much!


Mr Ferguson, you are a truly amazing person. Too few people these days (in my experience) display honor and integrity. Your jewellery has an added dimension due to who you actuallyare.

Thank you once again Brad.

Thank You Brad

I received my "cross and crown of thorns" today.
It is beautiful and I love it.
Thanks again.

Brad...we hit a home run. Patty loves your work..many thanks!!


For 27 years my husband and I have been doing business with Samaritan Arts in Amarillo even though we were living in other places. My engagement ring and our wedding rings were our first purchases. Since then, we've purchased many of Brad's unique designs including a custom Sword of the Spirit western belt buckle, several pieces of his Texas jewelry, different Crown of Thorns items, and purity rings for our two daughters. It says a lot for a business when you are so sure of the service and the quality that you keep coming back. There have been some instances when I used other jewelers and then had to end up mailing the item to Brad to get it repaired or replaced. Finally, I've learned. If you want the best price, the best quality and the best service, it is ALWAYS worth it to just start with Samaritan Arts and end with Samaritan Arts.


We purchased the Lion of Judah signet purity ring for our sons 13th birthday. Our son made the promise of purity and sealed the promise with his signet ring and we have it in our safe, to be opened by his future wife on their wedding day. Without exception, this is my sons most prized possession. We were concerned about spending this much money on a gift for such a young man for fear that he would leave it lying around somewhere and ultimately loose it. Thankfully, that has not happened because he is very careful with this ring. My son is turning 18 tomorrow! We purchased him a car for his 18th birthday but I know if we were to ask him that he would surrender the car before he would surrender his ring. Thanks for such a wonderful idea as this will have lasting consequences as I know this promise to remain pure was not taken lightly. I truly believe when children are held to high expectations that it is easy for them to deliver, especially when they have a visual such as this ring. This was a commitment made to God and to his future wife. Thanks again for such a great idea!


I bought a purity ring for my daughter in 2007. She has had it now for almost four years, wears it every day, and it is just as beautiful as the day I bought it for her. Every one of her friends who received rings from elsewhere have long since broken theirs and had to replace them numerous times. Thank you SO MUCH for the beauty and quality of your jewelry!


My wife and I met in January 2006 after we both had stopped dating and committed whatever relationships we would find to God. We were engaged 3 weeks later. My wife wanted something distinctive for my wedding band. After looking for several weeks, I stumbled onto your site and saw the Crown of Thorns bands. Since God had really brought us together, I could not think of a better way to give Him glory than your ring. My wife agreed. It is beautiful and definitely an attention getter which gives me a chance to express my faith. Thank you for your heart to hear Him and put it in to such beautiful jewelry.


Chandler is a precious, sweet Christian young lady with a heart of gold. She asked for her original purity ring after our “big talk” when she was 11 and has worn it faithfully for the last 5 years. She attends a small Christian school and now there are only 8 in her class of juniors. They all know about her ring and if she happens to forget to put it back on after a basketball game or the like they all attack her! The ring has served its purpose well as a reminder of the promise she made to God and her future husband on Christmas Day 1995. We are so thankful the promise still means the same thing to her now as a nearly 17 year old and that she wants the replacement ring. Thank you so much for the ministry you have with your jewelry. It has blessed our daughter, our family and her future husband and family.


I purchased an antiqued Messianic Gold Ring and I have to tell you, I absolutely adore it. Thank you so much.


We received the ring yesterday and Rick couldn't have been more thrilled.


Thank you so much for your rapid response and your exceptional customer service!


I just wanted to let you know that I received the ring today. It truly is quite beautiful! Thank you very much for getting it to me so quickly.

Your jewelry is lovely. I know that you will be hearing from me again in the future with orders for other pieces of your jewelry.


Back in 2004 I ordered two of your beautiful wedding rings. I knew as soon as I came across your site I found what I was looking for; perfection! What I didn't know was how crazy my wife would be over them! It's been over five wonderfu lyears since we exchanged the rings and to this day she still fingers hers saying how beautiful it is! Thanks again for the wonderful work you do in His service.


God bless as you bring God's message through your jewelry/art!


I wanted to let you know that I received the ring yesterday and it is beautiful! Thank you very much and may God bless you.


Wow------------------he was so surprised..................gave it to him last night. Our Anniv. is the 12th---I couldn't wait!!!!! Really surprised him....he loves it!


Praise God, Jesus is alive today and is working in mighty ways. I thank Him for using people like you to find new and creative ways to tell a very old story. My wife admires her crown of thorns pendant on a daily basis and has used it numerous times to introduce Jesus into conversations. May God bless your business and especially the message that it delivers.

Casey and Dusty

Thanks again. Your ministry is awesome. And your jewelry is beautiful. You made a 12 year-old girl's day brighter.


Hi Brad..just a quick word of thanks ..I am delighted with the ring and the craftsmanship. Thanks also for the fast turnaround - I received it this am.


Your work is so beautiful, what a gift and a blessing you have been given. I will be checking the site from time to time and will order some other things in time. The star of David ring with the cross in the center is absolutely beautiful.


This Crown of Thorns makes more than a statement of being a follower of Christ, it is a reminder of what He has done for us.

We bought both of our daughters the Fleur-de-lis signet purity ring for their 13th birthdays. Our older daughter was married in December 2009 and made the exchanging of the purity ring for her wedding ring a part of the ceremony. My husband spoke words about the ring, why our daughter wore it, what it meant, etc., and then he took the purity ring off of her finger and handed it to her husband who replaced it with the wedding ring. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Our younger daughter, through an unfortunate incident lost her purity ring in the bottom of a lake in Berlin, Germany. We haven't yet had the ability to buy her a new one, but would like to as soon as we can save up the money.

Thank you for your beautiful product.


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