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Crown of Thorns by Brad Ferguson

The Story of the Crown Of Thorns
Our modern culture has lost its understanding of the meaning of the cross, and as a result people seldom give it a second thought. Many of our customers have turned to our Crown of Thorns jewelry as a witnessing tool which carries much of the same meaning as the cross, yet is unique enough and beautiful enough to catch the eye and prompt questions.

The Symbolism

The Crown of Thorns is symbolic of the suffering of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and as such should not be worn merely as a piece of jewelry. The crown contains thirty-nine thorns representative of the thirty-nine lashes Jesus received at His scourging. The crown is also a circle which intersects with itself seven times. The circle (representing eternity) symbolizes the everlasting love which prompted God to send His Son to die for us. The seven intersections (seven being the Biblical number representing completion and perfection) suggest the complete and finished atonement which Jesus made for us with His blood.

The Origin
A couple of years before I opened my own jewelry store, the young woman who was to become my wife sketched a design on paper and asked, "Could you make a piece of jewelry that looks like that?" Her drawing inspired me to begin work on the original Crown of Thorns. After I had finished sculpting the original pattern, it occurred to me that thirty-nine thorns would greatly enhance the symbolism of the pendant. So I began counting the thorns to determine how many of them I would need to add or remove. I was astonished to discover that the pendant already had exactly thirty-nine thorns. That experience convinced me that God had guided my hands in fashioning this piece of jewelry. My wife and I both have been very pleased to see what a witness this Crown of Thorns pendant has been to those who wear it and to those who see it.

This article was published on Wednesday 27 October, 2010.
Thank you for shopping with us,
Brad Ferguson